Thursday, December 04, 2003

Leadership Training is a people & performance development consultancy.
What do we do?
We help you produce desired results and performance, through the training and coaching of leadership and emotional intelligence (EQ) in the workplace. We utilize a powerful set of tools and process driven methods to model your high achievers. This information becomes the template for making a real difference in performance, recruitment and morale throughout the entire organisation.

Who are our customers?
Our customers are leaders in organisations who face people, performance and team challenges.

What differentiates us?
Your stated outcomes drive us and, unlike many firms, we expect to be evaluated by our results.

You help us to discover what works well now and how to use those strengths throughout your organisation. We have an unshakeable belief that that you already have all the internal resources and solutions within your organisation. We model your best performers and work with you to train, coach and recruit others to do the same.

You will produce astounding results with your people, by focussing on the distinctions between their behaviour and their intentions

You will achieve lasting results through using the quantitative reports from tools such as MBTI, DISC, IWAM, VSQ, EQ Mapping, COMET. These instruments give you invaluable information on how to get the best from your people by understanding their personality, temperament, values, motivators, thinking style and successful behaviour in the work place.

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